Always here for our community

The YMCA is for everyone, we strive to bring parents and kids together. From camps to game nights, we provide opportunities for families to spend quality time together.


Is my charitable gift to the YMCA tax deductible?
The YMCA is a charitable, non-profit organization providing services throughout the community. Your financial contribution, which is fully tax deductible , allows us to provide these needed services to families and children throughout the Richmond and Petersburg areas.

If I join one YMCA in Richmond, can I use other facilities?
Yes. If you sign up for our Metro membership, you can use all 17 branches of the YMCA of Greater Richmond at no extra charge.

How many YMCAs are there in the Richmond area?
There are currently 18 branches and one outdoor center.

What types of memberships are offered?
We offer memberships for Youth, Adults, and Families. For more information, see our Membership Types Page.

What is a Family Membership?
A Family Membership includes any two adults living at the same address and their children.

Are there Corporate Memberships?
Yes. We offer corporate memberships to all Richmond- and Petersburg-area companies, regardless of size. There are a number of great benefits to corporate memberships. For more details, see our Corporate Memberships Page.

Can I use my membership at YMCAs nationwide?
Yes. The AWAY (Always Welcome At YMCAs) sticker on your membership card entitles you to visit participating YMCAs in other cities when you travel.

How long has the YMCA been in Richmond?
We celebrated 150 years of building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities in 2005!

What are some of the community outreach programs at the YMCA?
The YMCA of Greater Richmond’s community development and outreach efforts include after-school child care, teen programs, youth leadership development programs, Learn-to-Swim, YMCA Bright Beginnings, and Christmas Connection, among others.

How can I volunteer at the YMCA?
The YMCA offers many volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule. To find out more about volunteering, see our Volunteer Opportunities Page or call 804.649.9622.