All branches will close at 7pm Wednesday, November 25 and will be closed Thanksgiving Day.



The Richmond YMCA began as a fellowship society and Bible study group for young evangelical males. Today, it is a family-oriented institution welcoming all to develop their spiritual, mental and physical gifts. Through numerous transformations, the YMCA of Greater Richmond has offered lasting benefits to the city and communities it serves.


The YMCA of Greater Richmond was established in 1854 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. In 1909, a larger building was constructed and opened to carry out the many programs of the YMCA based on Christian values of honesty, integrity, fair play and the development of spirit, mind and body. In 1942 a new structure was dedicated at 2 W. Franklin Street.

Since its inception in 1854 with a goal to bring young men under religious and moral influences, to provide a library and reading room, to provide lectures, devotional meeting and Bible classes and to provide young men a safe, wholesome home-away-from-home, the YMCA of Greater Richmond has become the institution that it is today- promoting mind, body and spirit for all.

Enjoy the PBS special about the history of the YMCA.